We are not your typical gym or fitness studio...we are a family.

Everybody here is on the same mission, so rather than judging and criticizing, we all push each other and support one another to improve each and every single day.

Our sessions are 45 minutes long and our program is designed specifically for FAT LOSS! (not weight loss)


If you don't show up in a week...we call you!

If you are off track to hit your next weekly goal...we call you!

If you missed your weekly assessment...we call you!

Accountability is what separates us from most gyms, and its why so many of our clients see results FAST! 

We have our clients each week come in for what we like to call "MOTIVATION MONDAY" and check their weight and body fat % using our kiosk stations here at the gym! 

This helps us coaches see who's on track, who's off track, and who needs to set another goal!

 Every class is completely different, so your workouts will never get boring!


We like to start each class off with a dynamic stretch, a fun team builder, a challenging strength circuit, a quick HIIT finisher, and end it off with a cool-down. This has been the foundation for success for our clients results! 

But we can only do so much In the gym to help you lose fat...its 80% nutrition honestly.

Which is exactly why we provide UNLIMITED nutrition consultations to all of our members...

Sometimes you fall off track and need a new game plan. Or maybe you are feeling unmotivated and want to set some new goals. Regardless this is a FREE service for everyone here at Project Evolve!

Men and women are both welcome to join our team!

We encourage you to come out for our 21 day challenge and see what we are all about, it is 100% risk FREE!

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