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Discover The ONLY Fitness Program Completely Dedicated To Getting YOU Healthy, Active & Functionally Fit...For Life!

Fit 4 Life is a fitness program designed for adults 55+ years old and Baby Boomers who want greater health, better physical function, and to stay fit and active for the long haul.

Experience a Special 21 Day Fit 4 Life Program

With safe strength and conditioning exercises, we can improve mobility, reduce pain, and increase the levels of energy that a sedentary lifestyle can rob from us as we age.


Our Certified Personal Trainers will guide you through our new and cutting edge workout program that's designed to work on the four most critical factors that you need - Functional Mobility, Power, Balance, and Stamina - so that you can live an active and independent life and enjoy all those grand adventures ahead of you!

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Many difficulties of aging are linked to an inactive lifestyle. And while your chronological age may be 55+, your biological age can be 35!


With Project Evolve Fit 4 Life, we want to help you with one simple thing: we want to make sure you have the health you need to stay active, independent, and to keep chasing your dreams, experiences, and even your grandchildren, at any age!

Here's What You'll Get:

  • 9 Small Group Training Sessions (3 times per week) within the 21 day period.

  • All sessions led by our Certified Personal Trainers

  • Increased strength, flexibility, and motor control so you can get be the healthiest version of yourself!

  • Reduce aches and pains, risk of chronic disease

  • Lose weight from your hips, waist, and thigh areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Project Evolve "Fit4Life" (Inside Project Evolve Bootcamp)

5555 Golden Gate Pkwy Suite 131

Naples, FL 34116

How can I reach you if I have a question?

You can call us at (239) 331-8379 


Email us at

What is your schedule?

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

7:00am and 10:00am

If I am out of shape can I still do your program?

As long as you do not have any extreme injuries or surgeries, we can modify any exercise for any fitness level! 

If How long are the classes?

30 Mins Long

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