Damaris Ramos

Damaris (age 46) is a Financial Center Manager at The Fifth Third Bank off of Goodlette Frank Rd. She has been in that industry for 14 years!
She used to exercise, but she hit a point after pregnancy where she lost the motivation to even workout. She just couldn't lose weight...
On top of that, her eating habits were holding her back from getting that flat belly she had back in college. I guess you could say her sweet tooth got the best of her!
Well, she ended up hearing about our bootcamp program and gave it a shot! Damaris is now considered the "beast" of [Project Evolve]...
We proved to her that her flat belly was there all along. It just needed that extra kick in the butt to be unleashed!


Ann Crews

Ann (age 57) is a nurse at The Neighborhood Health Clinic off of Goodlette Frank Rd. She has been taking care of people and serving the community for almost 39 years!
The only problem is that Ann was so busy helping other people, that she neglected to focus on her own health and fitness.
She made time to exercise, but could not stay motivated on her own. She really needed extra support to push her. Maybe you can relate...
Well, she ran across an ad for our program, gave it a try, and has been a part of the family ever since. She too, just needed that extra kick in the butt!
She has lost over 30lbs and is now one of our most dedicated clients. The proof is in the pudding...



Yeily Hernandez

Yeily (age 18) is a server at an assisted living center here in Naples, FL. Before she started she was not eating healthy at all and it was destroying her body...
Insecurities swept in and she ended up feeling horrible about herself. Now this made things even worse because she was now becoming depressed. 
She knew one of our coaches for years and found out she was working with us and decided it was time to get some help.
She went in and barely made it through the first week with us because of how inactive she was, but she pushed through it like a soldier.
6 months later, she was 20lbs lighter and much happier.
This just proves that hard work and dedication is all it takes...
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